The Thailand Ministry Update #6

Hello Friends, family and visitors

I am glad that you are following me on my journey in Thailand with Trek. My team and I have two months left, and we are hoping to make the best of it.

This past Month has been good. We spent the majority of our time in our regular ministries, such as, teaching English at the Hope center and Church, or at our friend Cecil’s house, as well as working with the kids, and connecting with our Thai friends. Since things have become a routine and we have deepened our relationship with our Thai friends, we are hoping for an opportunity where we can deeply use our influence to draw people to the hope center. We have also been praying more regularly now, in hopes to see God move more powerfully in our ministries.

Please continue to pray to God for him to move here in Thailand with the ministries and people we work with.


New Ministry Opportunities!

This month we helped clean a soccer field, and played a game with the kids in the local community where we do one of our kids club ministries. It was fun and could be a new ministry outreach opportunity to the boys living in the community. However we do not know whether this will be a regular ministry yet, and so please pray to our Lord to help us discern if this is a ministry we should move towards.


Chonburi Orphanage Trip

Down in Chonburi there is an orphanage that MB Missions runs. We were given a chance to spend two days working with kids, praying at a hospital, seeing monkeys, and teaching English to the kids. We took the kids to a near by pool, and the next day we taught them some English. The kids were great, energetic, and full of life just like the monkeys we saw on Monkey Mountain.

When we went to the hospital to sing songs, make crafts, and pray for the cancer patients I went through some sort of anxiety. It was not an easy place for me to be at, and so I had trouble staying in the room. Yet the Thai kids showed me their strength, and I got the opportunity to watch one of the young men lead a patient to Christ. It was beautiful to witness seeing a young man using Christs hope to bring hope to a hopeless situation.



Thank you for reading, and please continue to pray for our ministries here in Thailand. We desire to see God move radically here, and it starts with prayerful hands relying on God for strength and miracles.

God Bless!