The Final Thailand Ministry Month

Hey Everyone!

This was the final month in Thailand with Trek MB Missions. It had been an incredible last month in Thailand. Filled with the excitement of going home and sadness of leaving behind the life we had created in Thailand.

Debrief Week, was in the jungles near Meyamar in Thailand. We went hiking to some beautiful waterfalls and then spent most of our time resting, eating, and having sessions of debrief about our experience in Thailand.

For the final weeks in Thailand we kept up with our English class, Church ministry, and kids clubs. We visited the orphanage to share with the short term missions team about our experience in Thailand, and then as it got closer to the final week we focused more on having dinners with Thai friends. As the final days came around the bend we had a Trek going away party. It was great to have everyone come and celebrate with us as we enter into a new season of returning to Canada. They blessed us, and encouraged us as we left with joy and sadness.

These are some people I will miss

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We may have left Thailand, however I am not done with Trek.  We have two weeks of debrief before I get back into the swing of regular life in Canada. We are back with the rest of the trek teams that we had trained with at the beginning of Trek, which is exciting, and we are ready to process our return.

Please pray that these next two weeks of debrief are good. That it is restful, insightful, and that my time in Thailand is well processed. I Hope to see you all soon.

Thank you so much for all of your support. I could not have made it through this incredible year without all of you. Please feel free to ask me about my Thailand experience and go for coffee – catch up. I would love to share and hear how you have been too.       – Thank you all again.