The Anticipation

Hey Everyone,

The anticipation of the placements with Trek have been revealed! I will be heading to Chachoengsao, Thailand for 7 months. Send off will be sometime around November 5th, where a whole new journey will begin. Thank you again for being a part of this journey. I have no clue what awaits and I am still currently processing what is to come. It is good that my path was lead to Trek. This allowed the leadership to discern my placement. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go. To be honest, I would probably have gone where I wanted and not where God wanted me to be. I believe this is where I need to go, God willing.

Few I am glad that the anticipation of waiting to know my placement is over. However, the anticipation for stepping on the plane is next. The continued development of the smaller trek teams, which has been reveled to us recently, is another anticipation. We have already learned so much about are teammates and our selves.We have taken 48 hrs of silence with God and personality tests to discuss with our teammates and leaders.  We also have been hearing from speakers to equip us for our service overseas. This week we will be heading to the East side of Vancouver to serve and listen to more speakers.

Please continue to pray for our teams as we prepare for our placements. Also continue to pray that my finances come in, which some of you have already generously gave. If you still want to donate, click Kevin Atsma on the participants list to donate to me. Here is a link:

Thank you for taking the time to read. I appreciate your support.

Lets Get Started

Hey Everyone,

The journey begins! Which is currently at the Mark center in Abbotsford, which many of you are most likely aware of, if not, no worries. This is why I am writing to you, because I want you all who are supporting me to be in the loop, whether that be in prayer, financial aid, or both. This is my first time writing a blog, so have grace with any grammar, spelling or lack of clarity.

Thus far, its been good. Beginning to learn more about my team everyday, and hearing the voice of God. We’ve been taking many classes on how to invite the Holy Spirit in our lives daily, and how to hear God’s voice. Its been a challenge, yet a worth while one. I am already learning so much.

I am also still anticipating where I will be placed and what team I will be with. We will be split into smaller teams, then either sent to Thailand, which two of the three groups will be sent to, and one team to the Philippines. I know earlier that I said one of the places would be in Germany, however our Trek leaders felt, since there are many Germans on our team, we would send two teams to Thailand. Which is fine with me, I trust God has a plan and is guiding our leaders to make the right choices. Please pray for my leaders that they continue to discern where God wants to send us, and which one of us will be the leader of one of the Thailand teams. We will know in two weeks after our silent solo retreat. I will let you know.

Finally, I again thank you for taking the time to join me in prayer, and financial support. I have yet to raise $2,000 more, and I have until I step on the plane to get the funds. Please continue to walk with me; pray that God provides all my needs: Emotionally, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, and Financially.

Thank you, & God Bless.