The Thailand Ministry update #7

Hey everyone,

Hope you are doing well!

The ministries here in Thailand have been wild with kids camps, and our regular ministries. We spent a lot of time working with kids around chachoengsao since they are out of school for the summer time. This also means it is hot season – making the days feel longer than usual.

Good thing we got to experience the yearly celebration of Songkran during the hottest time in Thailand! Songrkan is basically Thailand celebrating Thai new years with a nation wide water fight for an entire week. You also get past smeared on your face, which the Thai people still managed to reach my face a couple dozen times.

The war begins
Chachoengsao Park
Getting pasted on my face as well water







There is one other celebration that comes with Songkran. And that is the pouring of water on elderly hands, which is a blessing. Many families participate in this celebration -where their sons and daughters pour water over their elders hands and ask for forgiveness and give thankfulness as the elders bless them. We got to do practice this celebration with the elders of the church.

I mentioned early that we spent a lot of time doing kids camps, and even a family camp with some of the Mb churches in Thailand. Here is some pictures to give you an idea of some of the things we were doing.


Remind me To tell you the story of these to people
Some new Thai friends
Some games

Playing games with the kids, and I think they got my name wrong (people call                          me shaggy)

We also visited a Zoo with our Thai friends.


Thank you all for following me on this journey.

Please pray that:

  • We finish off our last month strong
  • Our friend Knots’ mother passed away, please pray for strength for him.
  • safety
  • and that God continues to open doors for new believes


The Final Thailand Ministry Month

Hey Everyone!

This was the final month in Thailand with Trek MB Missions. It had been an incredible last month in Thailand. Filled with the excitement of going home and sadness of leaving behind the life we had created in Thailand.

Debrief Week, was in the jungles near Meyamar in Thailand. We went hiking to some beautiful waterfalls and then spent most of our time resting, eating, and having sessions of debrief about our experience in Thailand.

For the final weeks in Thailand we kept up with our English class, Church ministry, and kids clubs. We visited the orphanage to share with the short term missions team about our experience in Thailand, and then as it got closer to the final week we focused more on having dinners with Thai friends. As the final days came around the bend we had a Trek going away party. It was great to have everyone come and celebrate with us as we enter into a new season of returning to Canada. They blessed us, and encouraged us as we left with joy and sadness.

These are some people I will miss

13307353_802222929912804_4976752906090249023_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We may have left Thailand, however I am not done with Trek.  We have two weeks of debrief before I get back into the swing of regular life in Canada. We are back with the rest of the trek teams that we had trained with at the beginning of Trek, which is exciting, and we are ready to process our return.

Please pray that these next two weeks of debrief are good. That it is restful, insightful, and that my time in Thailand is well processed. I Hope to see you all soon.

Thank you so much for all of your support. I could not have made it through this incredible year without all of you. Please feel free to ask me about my Thailand experience and go for coffee – catch up. I would love to share and hear how you have been too.       – Thank you all again.

The Thailand Ministry Update #6

Hello Friends, family and visitors

I am glad that you are following me on my journey in Thailand with Trek. My team and I have two months left, and we are hoping to make the best of it.

This past Month has been good. We spent the majority of our time in our regular ministries, such as, teaching English at the Hope center and Church, or at our friend Cecil’s house, as well as working with the kids, and connecting with our Thai friends. Since things have become a routine and we have deepened our relationship with our Thai friends, we are hoping for an opportunity where we can deeply use our influence to draw people to the hope center. We have also been praying more regularly now, in hopes to see God move more powerfully in our ministries.

Please continue to pray to God for him to move here in Thailand with the ministries and people we work with.


New Ministry Opportunities!

This month we helped clean a soccer field, and played a game with the kids in the local community where we do one of our kids club ministries. It was fun and could be a new ministry outreach opportunity to the boys living in the community. However we do not know whether this will be a regular ministry yet, and so please pray to our Lord to help us discern if this is a ministry we should move towards.


Chonburi Orphanage Trip

Down in Chonburi there is an orphanage that MB Missions runs. We were given a chance to spend two days working with kids, praying at a hospital, seeing monkeys, and teaching English to the kids. We took the kids to a near by pool, and the next day we taught them some English. The kids were great, energetic, and full of life just like the monkeys we saw on Monkey Mountain.

When we went to the hospital to sing songs, make crafts, and pray for the cancer patients I went through some sort of anxiety. It was not an easy place for me to be at, and so I had trouble staying in the room. Yet the Thai kids showed me their strength, and I got the opportunity to watch one of the young men lead a patient to Christ. It was beautiful to witness seeing a young man using Christs hope to bring hope to a hopeless situation.



Thank you for reading, and please continue to pray for our ministries here in Thailand. We desire to see God move radically here, and it starts with prayerful hands relying on God for strength and miracles.

God Bless!



The Thailand Ministry Update #4


The adventure continues here in Thailand with some new events. Here is the latest update of the Month of February of my Trek journey 2016!



Koh Samet (Trek Mid-term retreat),

Half way through my time in Thailand, my trek team and I got the privileged to travel to a island called Koh Samet. Our leaders, Sam, and Lisa flew over from Canada to join us on the couple days of our retreat. We took the opportunity to spend time with our team, relax, and most importantly straighten our bearings right so we can finish off our final months strong. I expected to spend my time reading, yet the Lord had other plans for me. I learned some new goals to work through, such as serving out of the heart and not out of duty. I also met some new friends and got an opportunity to share a bit of my testimony. Pray that seeds will be planted, and cultivated in the people we encounter.




New Teaching Opportunities

When we came back from our Mid-term retreat we were all given a new schedule filled with teaching English. Some of our leaders here in Thailand talked to the local schools in Chachoengsao and organized us to fill some classes with an English class. It has been a wonderful experience to teach English, get to know the kids, and even some of the teachers. Please pray that seeds are planted and that we continue to build good relationships with the schools in Chachoengsao.

Fun Games with the Alphabet




More Ministries and Experiences

We got to attend some parts of a Thai wedding, and help bless the happy couple by giving a hand with cleaning up after. Blessing the couple was not the only thing we got to do. We were blessed to have the experience of what a Thai wedding looks like, and enjoy some new Thai foods. This was also an opportunity to grow with are fellow Thai Christians in Christ when we came together for the celebration.

The other ministry opportunity this month was quite random. On a Saturday we drove outside of Chachoengsao to join some of our Thai believers in a evangelistic outreach. At the end, two people came to faith! We celebrated with games, a meal, worship and prayer.  Continue to pray that the new believers become strong in faith, and that they are guided on their new journey.








My Spiritual Journey

Eating Chicken feet


It has been a great month, and the Lord has been teaching me how to serve with the heart and not out of plain duty. I also have been reading lots, and now trying to digest all the new information I have learned. Please continue to pray that the Lord continues to Mold me, and to help me be ready for the work he has prepared for me here in Thailand. Let God’s kingdom come, and will be done.





  • Please pray that our relationships with the schools flourish and grow strong.
  • Pray for the new believers who are coming to know Jesus. Pray that God will help change their lives.
  • Pray that we end off our last three months with strength!


Thank you for all who support me.

The Thailand Ministry update #3

Hello Supporters,

It has been an incredible journey thus far in Thailand, so here is an update on whats been happening this past month in this new year!



It has been a privilege to be a part of the baptisms of some of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ here in Thailand. In total, five people were baptized into Christ family this month, and was able to share their testimony to people who have not known Christ yet. Both Hope Center, and Bethel Church came together to celebrate this joyful event. Let’s hope and pray for more of these celebrations to take place in the new year!




Phanit Nahkom “The Garden of Eden Farm”

My Trek team and I got an opportunity to go to Phanit Nahkom and work on a farm. For five days we got our hands in the dirt, putting up fences, digging holes, cutting grass, etc. It was a great way to bless some of the other ministries outside of Chachoengsao. The pastor who owned the farm, calling it “The Garden of Eden” was pleased to have us, and let us be a apart of his farm life, church, and family. It is a joy to see God provide for this faithful family, and church with all their needs, which encouraged us to have faith in Our God with our ministries in Chachoengsao. Their passion to share God’s word is inspiring. Not only do they use the farm as a retreat center, they also broadcast Christian music and the message of the gossip over the radio. Always looking to share their faith, there is nothing stopping the gospel when it comes to this family, and church – pray that is passion flares all over Thailand. Also pray for God to continue to bless this family.




Hua Hin

We took a little adventure down south to go up in the mountains too a school. The reason this trip took place was out of the Buddhists belief that by supporting schools they would earn merit for a better reincarnation. However we did not have the same intentions, and so we went to be light for the people there. It was a long over night drive, and a challenge to stay awake during the events at the school. Yet we pulled it together and preformed a drime, and at first they said we would not have enough time to explain it. However after the performance every one was eager to understand what it meant, and therefore one of the Thai people went out and explained its meaning – sharing the gospel to all who were there. We do not know if any seeds were planted, however we have hope that one day some fruit will grow. Please pray that seeds may be cultivated, and grown for God’s kingdom.










My Spiritual Journey

Thank you, everyone who are supporting me on this journey. God has continued to challenge me to express my heart, and draw near to him. The Lord is working on my heart, and teaching me in many beautiful way about what it means to follow him with your heart. God has also been teaching about the power of Grace, and challenging me to be vulnerable with my team.


Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that God opens the heart’s of the Thai people we meet daily so they can recieve the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for team unity.
  • Pray that the Lord continues to cultivate a heart ready to be molded to serve and hear His voice daily.
  • Pray that God sends more workers for the harvest.
  • Pray for God’s kingdom to touch Thailand.
  • Pray that more and more people get drawn into the weekly English class, and VBS ministries!

Thank you!

The Thailand Ministry Update #2



Whats Been Happening

English class

It has been an incredible month in Thailand. My Trek team, Thai team, and I have been working hard to serve, minister, and reach out to the nation of Thailand. So far we have taught English classes, run VBS for kids in all kinds of neighborhoods, hanged out with university students, and celebrated Christmas parties with lots of different groups. Each ministry outreach has been cultivated with the purpose to get to know the Thai people, and sharing our testimonies in hopes they turn to see the love of Christ in us. This month we have witness the fruit of our labor as new believers accepted Christ this Christmas season. It is very important that we are sensitive to helping new believers continue to follow Jesus. Becoming a Christian in Thailand is a big challenge because there can be a lot of opposition from family and friends. We do not want to push the new believers or people to believe because it is a shame based culture. Therefore we need to be sensitive, as becoming a Christian effects the whole persons family.  Please pray that the new believers continue to walk in faith, hope, and love. 


The Team

As my team and I work side by side in Thailand, I ask that you pray for unity, respect, and love. It has been good to follow up with our team leaders when things get difficult. I look forward to continue growing as a team in the body of Christ. 

The Trek Team

Getting the opportunity to work a long side the Thai Christians here has been a blessing. We have learn lots of Thai, and cultural understandings by hanging out with the Thai Christians and missionaries. Please pray that they continue to rely on God for strength, and that we grow together as the body of Christ. 


I Little About What I Am Learning About My Self


I realized that I am much more introverted than extroverted. I strongly land on the internalized guilt feeling, rather than being effected by how other see and think about me. I tend to have a strong conscious to analytically improving myself in the principles I hold onto, which stream out of biblical analysis. However I also gravitate strongly to God, and People’s opinions that I highly respect in order to shape proper principles to live by. This year is all about being mold-able clay, therefore I am open to constructive criticism. By being open to constructive criticism I can pursue better self, and improve my relationship with people, God, and my effectiveness for God’s kingdom here in Thailand. I realized I can only construct this dream/passion of proper principles/doctrines through humility, God’s will, the leading of the Holy Spirit, the grace and love of Jesus Christ, and Godly mentors that I can imitate, learn and be guided by.

Please continue to pray that I grow in being present, positive, mold-able, receive wisdom, understanding, discernment and that I learn to communicate well with my team and the Thai people.


Thank You!

Thank you for all your support, as you share in the blessings! We could not have done it without your support. Please continue to pray that more come to the Lord, and that we work diligently for God’s kingdom in the next coming months as a team. 

The First Take Off In Thailand


Hey Everyone!


So I have arrived in Thailand safe and sound. It’s been an intense first week and a half. We have been learning Thai pretty much every day. The Thai language is actually one of the top 5 hardest languages to learn in the world. With all the different tones for a single word, it makes sense that the language is ranked as one of the hardest languages in the world. However this has not stopped me and my fellow teammates in trying to communicate with the Thai people. We have had many good laughs when trying to communicate. Like tonight when I had to ask for a plunger because my toilet was plugged. I managed to get one and successfully unplug my toilet, and have some good laughs with the Thai guy downstairs. It has been really good to get to know the Thai people and culture. We have been helping teach English, working with kids, and joining in the Bible studies. It is good to be here, serve, and be open to any of the duties we are given.

It is also very hot, yet I am thankful that my room has air conditioning. And not only the climate, but the food is very spicy as well, and for many of you may know I don’t like spicy food. However I have quickly learned the Thai words for no spice.

Thank you for taking the time to follow me on this journey. Please continue to pray that my team and I stay strong together, that we would continue to learn the language, focus on what God wants us to do, keep good enthusiastic energy with the heat, and for health. No one has gotten really sick yet which is a huge blessing.

The Anticipation

Hey Everyone,

The anticipation of the placements with Trek have been revealed! I will be heading to Chachoengsao, Thailand for 7 months. Send off will be sometime around November 5th, where a whole new journey will begin. Thank you again for being a part of this journey. I have no clue what awaits and I am still currently processing what is to come. It is good that my path was lead to Trek. This allowed the leadership to discern my placement. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go. To be honest, I would probably have gone where I wanted and not where God wanted me to be. I believe this is where I need to go, God willing.

Few I am glad that the anticipation of waiting to know my placement is over. However, the anticipation for stepping on the plane is next. The continued development of the smaller trek teams, which has been reveled to us recently, is another anticipation. We have already learned so much about are teammates and our selves.We have taken 48 hrs of silence with God and personality tests to discuss with our teammates and leaders.  We also have been hearing from speakers to equip us for our service overseas. This week we will be heading to the East side of Vancouver to serve and listen to more speakers.

Please continue to pray for our teams as we prepare for our placements. Also continue to pray that my finances come in, which some of you have already generously gave. If you still want to donate, click Kevin Atsma on the participants list to donate to me. Here is a link:


Thank you for taking the time to read. I appreciate your support.

Lets Get Started

Hey Everyone,

The journey begins! Which is currently at the Mark center in Abbotsford, which many of you are most likely aware of, if not, no worries. This is why I am writing to you, because I want you all who are supporting me to be in the loop, whether that be in prayer, financial aid, or both. This is my first time writing a blog, so have grace with any grammar, spelling or lack of clarity.

Thus far, its been good. Beginning to learn more about my team everyday, and hearing the voice of God. We’ve been taking many classes on how to invite the Holy Spirit in our lives daily, and how to hear God’s voice. Its been a challenge, yet a worth while one. I am already learning so much.

I am also still anticipating where I will be placed and what team I will be with. We will be split into smaller teams, then either sent to Thailand, which two of the three groups will be sent to, and one team to the Philippines. I know earlier that I said one of the places would be in Germany, however our Trek leaders felt, since there are many Germans on our team, we would send two teams to Thailand. Which is fine with me, I trust God has a plan and is guiding our leaders to make the right choices. Please pray for my leaders that they continue to discern where God wants to send us, and which one of us will be the leader of one of the Thailand teams. We will know in two weeks after our silent solo retreat. I will let you know.

Finally, I again thank you for taking the time to join me in prayer, and financial support. I have yet to raise $2,000 more, and I have until I step on the plane to get the funds. Please continue to walk with me; pray that God provides all my needs: Emotionally, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, and Financially.

Thank you, & God Bless.